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About the History Data Service

The History Data Service (HDS) collects, preserves, and promotes the use of digital resources, which result from or support historical research, learning and teaching. The History Data Service is a successor service to AHDS History which from 1996 to March 2008 was one of the five centres of the Arts and Humanities Data Service.

The service is housed within the UK Data Archive at the University of Essex. The service provides access and support for a range of historical datasets, promoting and facilitating increased and more effective use of data in research, learning and teaching. Services offered by the History Data Service include:

  • long-term preservation of deposited data collections
  • access to available collections through the UK Data Archive Data Catalogue
  • offering online guidance on creating and documenting digital resources from historical sources
  • a dedicated help desk and web site
  • regularly updated web-based FAQs
  • JISCmail mailing list offering news on the latest History Data Service collections and other information useful to both creators and users of historical datasets.
  • news bulletins and articles
  • online guides and resources on using data

For help with registration and downloading data or problems with opening data or documentation files contact user services help desk.

More about the History Data Service...

History Data Service
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