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Historical Censuses Collections (CHCC)

Accessing CHCC

If you have registered you can access CHCC here.

Individual Level Demographic Data

Two types of demographic data are available to download from the CHCC collection. Individual-level demographic data is available from the transcribed manuscripts of the complete census enumerators' books of the 1881 census for England and Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, accounting for some 26 million individuals. These data, originally transcribed and published by the Genealogical Society of Utah (and available to the non-HE/FE community from Church of Latter Day Saints) have been enriched, enhanced and geographically standardised. This data provides information about the name, address, relationship to the head of household, marital status, age, occupation, birthplace and disabilities of millions of individuals, as well as a large group of derived demographic variables.

Aggregate Level Demographic Data

Also available for download are two major collections of aggregate-level demographic data - the Great Britain Historical Database and the Database of Welsh Historical Statistics. These aggregate-level demographic statistics cover a wide range of tables from the published census reports.

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